Reports and Surveys

The Centro Cultural Gabriela Mistral counts with a team of studies in charge of systematizing the information of every activity and analyze its audiences. This way, we obtain relevant data to take decisions and create strategies to enhance GAM’s mission.

  • All reports and surveys are in spanish.

The goal is to know who visit the cultural center, that’s why we do a yearly survey, which provides important data for the segmentation of audiences according to their socio demographic characteristics, habits and cultural practices, as well as evaluations of services provided by GAM. Besides, we periodically coordinate investigations to know the impact and perception of those who benefit from the audience formation program.

Reports of Activities and Audiences

The reports of activities and audiences systematize every activity carried out in GAM every year and the size of their audience.

Audience Characterization Survey

The Yearly Audience Characterization Survey GAM (ECP) is carried out by Centro Cultural Gabriela Mistral, GAM, since 2011.

This study provides reliable, periodical and comparable statistic measurements to know the characteristic, behavior and perception of its different audiences, and its transformations across these last years.

The elaboration and analysis of these statistics is fundamental for the planning, management and continuation of GAM strategies. This way, we can move forward with convincing data towards the institutional mission of the cultural center. Plus, this data allows us to compare national and regional cultural strategies.

Open Alameda Enquiry

After the social outburst of October 18, 2019, the Centro Cultural Gabriela Mistral decided to open a citizen’s enquiry to know the opinion of its audiences about the role of culture and GAM regarding the mobilizations.

What changes should be considered to contribute to the current demands? What actions you propose? What role could GAM have in the context of current social movements? These were the questions people answered during this enquiry, whose results will be periodically published to offer a new gaze to national debate.

Art Program Evaluation

This evaluation seeks to know the audience perception of GAM’s art program.

Audience Program Evaluation

With the purpose of knowing the impact of the audience formation program, GAM constantly performs quantitative and qualitative investigations to reveal the audiences’ perceptions and experiences. Plus, we periodically evaluate its activities in order to improve them. These investigations are developed, mostly, by sociology and anthropology students doing their professional internship in GAM.

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