GAM Editions

Here you’ll be able to find a special book with all the story of GAM since the 1970’s, download GAM’s theater collection and read monthly and bimonthly programs.

GAM 10 years

The book, without a definitive title, will be launched during February 2020 on digital format.

Its pages tell the story of the building, its social significance and its dialogue with Chilean citizens. This book it’s the result of an investigation of the building’s less known years we know less —the Diego Portales period—, it contains unknown anecdotes from the time it was called Centro Metropolitano Gabriela Mistral and juicy details of every period, including the current one; as it reveals the cultural, artistic and social pulse of these last years. This book also inaugurates, together with GAM’s theater collection, GAM Ediciones, a publishing house seeking to offer contents that contextualize and connect art work with different audiences.

GAM’s dramaturgy collection

As it tenth anniversary approaches, Centro Cultural Gabriela Mistral, GAM, takes on the project of publishing GAM’s theater collection, consisting in the edition, publication and publicity of ten books with the texts of some of its most emblematic productions and coproductions.

The collection will be published physically and donated to libraries and institutions. Here we present a free eBook version and an audiobook version.

This was a project financed by the Ministry of Cultures, Arts and Patrimony.

Monthly and Bimonthly Playbills

Check the monthly and bimonthly programs of GAM, since its opening on September, 2010.

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