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As a part of Gabriela Mistral Cultural Center, BiblioGAM is the first library in Chile offering a plan for the formation of audiences.

The book catalogue and audiovisual material specializes on theater, dance, classic and popular music, opera and cine, as well as texts on design, architecture and cultural management. 

Located in the heart of Santiago with an open view of Alameda and Lastarria, BiblioGAM occupies the third level of GAM’S A Building. Its 1,278 square meters include an ample reading room and open shelves to consult books, a newspaper archive and free internet. Its infrastructure counts with five rooms specially designed for studying or holding meetings.

Crédito: Víctor Pérez

BiblioGAM collection includes 13,261 items divided in printed formats such as books, magazines, articles, photographs and prints; and audiovisual formats such as compact discs, DVD’s, cassettes and VHS’s. Of this collection 2,276 items are audiovisual materials.

The library is constant dialogue with visual, scenic and musical arts lending its spaces for encounters between creators and the public, through exhibitions, book launches, readings, movie series and talks. These activities are carried out all year long, during attention hours and after attention hours. We ask visitors to have this in mind while planning to use the services and spaces of the library.

Free Services

Openly and free of charge, BiblioGAM offers free services from Tuesday to Saturday.

Open shelves: They permit a direct access to consult books on theater, dance, music, design, architecture and cultural management.

Study areas: Rooms with a capacity for six people, with a minimum of three. Any person or group can make a reservation and they will be able to carry out meetings or encounters to help their work completely free of charge. The reservations can be made in person on the library desk, by telephone or email.

Encounters and exhibitions: Open spaces for creators and national investigators to present encounters and themed exhibitions.

Lockers: For greater comfort and security of the visitors, BiblioGAM offers a locker service that works with a 100 pesos coin that is returned after the locker is emptied. Visitors are asked to enter the library carrying only the objects they will be using, books, computers, pencils, notebooks, etc. It’s not a part of the staff of BiblioGAM’s work description to provide or change coins for the lockers.

Loans: This service is only for members of BiblioGAM.

Learn how to become a member here

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