Great hall

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Works are currently suspended waiting for their reactivation

Currently GAM has more than 22,000 m2 of surface housing two buildings connected to each other and including 6 performance venues shows. This new venue includes a Grand Hall with a 1,880 seating capacity.

This second stage is part of a promise made by President Michelle Bachelet in 2010, which will complete the surface of the original building built in 1972 which had 37 thousand m2 (from Lastarria street to Namur St.).


GAM: A new stage

The new building will include a great hall for performing arts activities, as well as refurbished venues for artists, workshops and service areas. Its construction is led by the Direction of Architecture of the MOP's government office.


A unique space for the national scene with an outstanding staging for the Latin American context:

  • Space: 15,900 m2
  • Siting capacity: 1,880 or 3,000 according to distribution
  • Programming: national and international performing art shows
  • Space usability: multiple stages with the ability of more than one performance in the same programming range

Great Hall

One of this hall’s attractions is the mobile stage, that allows for several parallel set designs and would allow for the presentation of two pieces on the same day. The usable area is 1,000 square meters, 24 meters deep and 42 meters wide. At the same time, the space for presentations can be vertically and horizontally modified, adapting itself to different shows. It also counts with an orchestra pit of 160 square meters, for orchestras consisting of even 120 musicians.


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