GAM is located on a building with universal accessibility. People visiting can enter through Alameda through entry ways with no stairs or slopes; from José Ramón Gutiérrez street people can enter through a ramp; and from underground parking people can enter using the elevators.


Using this entry ways, it’s quite easy to access the scenic arts halls, bathrooms, information office, ticket office, coffee shop and bookstore. Using the elevators people will be able to access the library, other scenic arts halls, exhibitions, conferences, the Zócalo square and the wine shop.

The elevators, bathrooms, information office, ticket office and BiblioGAM are all prepared for people living with disabilities. The underground parking counts with reserved spots. The scenic arts halls have designed spots for wheelchairs.

Guide dogs are welcome in every corner of GAM.

The team helping the audiences is trained to help people living with disability considering physical conscience and communication. Some of them have knowledge of Chilean sign language.

Blind and visually impaired people can ask for information on notebooks printed both in Braille and large print for artistic and patrimonial appreciation of GAM.

Chilean people living with disabilities can buy discount tickets for GAM’s arts program presenting in the tickets office their Servicio Nacional de la Discapacidad (SENADIS) credential and ID.

Part of the art program of GAM includes a special show that subtly modifies the piece and theater conventions, to facilitate the attendance of people living with autism, learning disorders, psychomotor disorders, special needs for communication, and sound or light hypersensitivity.

Since 2015, GAM organizes Incluye, an annual congress to fight for the social inclusion of people living with disabilities in the fields of culture and arts. This congress offers conferences, talks, workshops and an arts program, everything with Chilean sign language interpreters.

GAM digital content proposals are also adapted into formats including Chilean sign language and inclusive subtitles for deaf people. Among the audio materials GAM developed for blind people, there is an extensive audio collection that includes the last 10 years of theater production in GAM.

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