Audience development

GAM promotes artistic projects for varied audiences based on its strategies for the development of audiences, directed to energize participation in every dimension of culture. That is why GAM develops and applies diverse programs based on segmentation modalities and key participants, while emphasizing a citizen’s gaze.

The Programming and Audiences Plan 2019 – 2022, promotes strategies and specific guidelines to confront new management challenges and the organizational changes that will come about after the inauguration of the cultural center second stage.

Programming and Audiences Plan 2019—2022

To promote access and the encounter of people with art and culture, there are seven work programs responding to several contexts (family, school, inclusion,) age segments (young people and adults,) reach (communities and territories) and sectorial development (cultural agents.) Each one tends to recognize GAM audiences as a part of the artistic-cultural event, emphasizing their participation through projects aimed at their formation, their attraction, building their loyalty, and diversification.

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