The squares inside the GAM building are meeting places because of its open programming and the occupation of the various communities that convene to dance, talk, and practice different disciplines. These squares are the meeting place for groups of young people making art outside traditional cannons. They arrive from every corner of Santiago and dance facing the great windows and every open space to practice, stealing the looks of people walking by.

It’s possible to find milonga dancers, urban skaters, young people wearing make up and rehearsing K-Pop choreographies, rappers and jugglers, people doing freestyle or twerking, practicing folkloric dances, jedi fight with lightsabers, voguing, ballroom, among others.

The communities convening in GAM organize autonomously and are constantly changing. They came to break the barriers impeding access to culture and art. Since the year 2012 they fight gender inequalities and traditional beauty cannons. GAM considers them an integral part of its audiences, and that’s why GAM embraces them, offers them security, has spread the word about their disciplines, and even included them in its programming.

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