Events in the square

GAM squares are spaces of encounter because of its open programming. This program includes traditional annual events, such as Pet Adoption Day and the commemoration of Day of the Chilean Circus and the Day of the Dance; there are even specific events specially programmed outdoors, activities involving music, performance and politics. Here we present a selection of the square’s highlights.

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Dance day

Thousands of people celebrate all over the world the International Dance Day that, ever since 1982, is celebrated by initiative of the UNESCO to bring this art to the public. In GAM it is commemorated since 2011 with a free intervention on its squares, in which some of our communities join.

Pet adoption day

Since 2013: For six years in a row we offered this activity so animal lovers can get to know, register and take home cats and dogs. More than 100 pets waiting for new owners are presented thanks to different organizations, pet stores and guidance an animal care.

Circus Day

Since 2013: A traditional Chilean circus gala that celebrates its day with the best numbers. Trapeze artists, contortionists and clowns transform GAM square into a circus to show their work to the public for free.

Maoris in GAM

2015: The Kapa Haka group from New Zealand, brought Maori song and dance to the cultural center. The spectacle included their traditional war dance, in which they show their pride and strength. They were joined by Kari Kari, a folkloric ballet from Rapa Nui interpreting their traditional dances.

Full orchestra

2016: This initiative was a part of the 65th anniversary of the Cámara Chilena de la Construcción and it counted with the participation of more than 300 musicians from three symphonic orchestras and a great choir. For the event, 500 square meters of the LED technology illuminated GAM, in a concert that included famous pieces by Beethoven and Strauss.

Midnight Museums

Since 2016: This initiative invites people to museums and cultural centers for free in different places of the country between 6 p.m. and 12 a.m. GAM offers guided tours through the building and diverse art shows as the night sets.

Public Kitchen

2017: The GAM building reached 45 years and it was celebrated with a free open kitchen and recipes that delighted the people of the 70’s. More than 200 people showed up for lunch in the square with dishes prepared by the Valparaiso collective Teatro Container.

Malen in squares

2018: On Monday November 19, in GAM squares, the performers of the dance group Malen and the Coros Ciudadanos did art interventions as a show of respect for the Mapuche people. The interpreted texts from the works from a Ricardo Curaqueo play and Violeta Parra’s Arauco tiene una pena.

Yo-Yo Ma

2019: One of the best cell players in the world participated in a multidisciplinary free performance in GAM squares. Lead by Chilean artist Constanza Alarcón and Yo Yo Ma’s Bach Project, the show contemplated active participation from the audience, who recorder their voices over sound memories of earthquakes.

Symphonic Víctor Jara

2019: Barely one moth before the Chilean social outburst, GAM present this suite by Carlos Zamora on its main square with Manuel García’s voice as a call for reflection and encounter thorough the lyrics and music of the murdered leader of protest song. The performing group was formed by more than 80 musicians from the Nueva Orquesta Nacional and the Nuevo Coro Chileno.

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